PEMF Technology

How does PEMF technology work?

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology sends a safe electromagnetic pulse through the body. All of us – and our horses, livestock, and pets – have spent our entire lives in the earth’s natural magnetic field. This magnetic field, created by the movement of the earth’s core, protects our planet from solar winds which could devastate our world without this protection. The earth’s magnetic field is good for our bodies.

But things have changed in our world. Instead of having our bare feet in constant contact with the earth, we walk inside buildings in shoes, sit still much of the time, and generally live in less natural surroundings. It’s hard for us to get all the benefits of the earth’s natural magnetic field. PEMF therapy recreates that natural magnetic energy.

The pulse from PEMF devices passes through the body safely and painlessly, stimulating cells and tissues in the body. This improves circulation, normalizes chemicals in the cells, and encourages the body’s natural healing processes. PEMF therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free approach to improving the natural functioning of the body.


There is a large body of research on PEMF. Some examples:

  • An article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal reports that “PEMF therapy has been used successfully in the management of postsurgical pain and edema [and] the treatment of chronic wounds.”
  • An article in the Journal of Inflammatory Research says that “Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is increasingly used to treat pain and edema associated with inflammation following surgery involving soft tissue.” This article focuses on the specific physical changes leading to reduction of pain and swelling.
  • Neck and Arm Pain Syndromes explained that “pulsed electromagnetic field therapy resulted in improvement compared to placebo with regard to pain in patients with calcific tendinopathy.”
  • An article in Orthopedics concluded that “Given the costs and potential dangers of surgery, PEMF should be considered an effective alternative. Experience supports its role as a successful method of treatment for ununited fractures of the tibia.”

Meanwhile, PEMF therapy has been used globally for over a century.

  • Science Direct reports that both NASA and Soviet space programs have used PEMF therapy to improve astronaut health.
  • PEMF therapy is used extensively by professional athletes, Olympic athletes, and college athletes to encourage peak performance.
  • PEMF therapy has been widely used in Europe for decades. Equine use in the United States has been widespread, and human use is increasing.

PEMF therapy helps the body repair damaged tissue, reduces swelling and pain, and improves circulation and absorption of nutrients. It combats stress and supports the body’s immune system. For athletes – both human and horses – the benefit is significant. Recovery is faster and more complete, so performance is improved. When healing is needed, the stimulation of the cells speeds the natural healing process.

Magnetic field therapy is recognized by the FDA to aid in these areas:

Healing of non-union fractures
Healing wounds
Pain and tissue swelling

PEMF helps the body

Repair damaged tissue
Reduce swelling
Reduce pain
Improve circulation
Increase absorption of nutrients
Cope with stress
Support the immune system

PEMF is used for

Post-surgery recovery
Energy and stamina
General wellness
Accelerated healing
Training and recovery for athletes
Equine athletes
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Bucking stock
Small animals and pets