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Customer Testimonials

We aim to revolutionize your PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy experience and improve the quality of life for all product users.
”Jalp man struggles with bad circulation in his back legs and also suffers a self-inflicted injury recently from him making bad choices while turned out. I couldn’t ever get the swelling to go down so I called Maghan, after one session within 3 to 4 hours his swelling was completely gone. I honestly thought the whole thing was a joke but I’m here to tell you I’m a believer now!”
– Sachel Crager
“After 37 years as a volleyball coach, Rose Cheek was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. She underwent surgery and 6 months of chemotherapy which left her with severe neuropathy. ”Just walking was difficult,” says Rose. “My Oncologist told me about a treatment that could possibly help. PEMF Complete. After 3 treatments I was walking up stairs without holding the rail. After 4 treatments I could bend at my knees and waist. After 5 treatments I was back in the gym working out!”
– Sonya Warren, PEMF Complete Professional
“I’ve used PEMF Complete on both my horses and myself. My horses immediately performed 10X’s better than they did before! I had pneumonia and had seen countless doctors and underwent rounds and rounds of antibiotics. Stephanie used her machine on my chest and within two days I was less congested immediately and slept great! I would recommend this to everyone!”
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