Why Would You Use PEMF for Pets?

Using PEMF therapy for pets may seem a little eccentric or unusual to some people. But is it unusual to take your dog for a walk every day? Do you bring your cat into the vet for regular checkups to make sure that she’s staying healthy? Do you give your dog medicine to help him feel better if he’s suffering from arthritis? These are all things that you do to care for your pet; you make sure that your pet is staying healthy and well, and that they enjoy a good quality of life. That’s exactly what PEMF therapy does for your pet.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy only seems outlandish because it’s still a relatively new type of treatment. However, this is changing as an increasing number of veterinarians, trainers, and even pet owners are learning the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. PEMF therapy helps cats, dogs, and other household pets stay healthy, feel better, and and enjoy an improved overall quality of life.

How PEMF therapy can benefit your pet

PEMF therapy can help manage the symptoms of old age. It improves range of motion and mobility, reduces pain, swelling, and stiffness, and increases circulation and energy levels.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy offers a safe and effective way to treat pain without the use of drugs. Research has shown that pulsed electromagnetic field therapy works as an effective treatment for symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs.

PEMF therapy reduces recovery times from illness, injury, or surgeries. It can even help with injury prevention.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy improves mood, increases overall levels of health, and promotes wellness. It helps strengthen the immune systems.

It also increases cellular metabolism, which helps remove toxins and cellular waste, and promotes healing.

PEMF therapy is non-invasive, safe, and effective. It works on cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, reptiles, and even snails. The electromagnetic pulses used in PEMF therapy promote cellular rejuvenation and healthy cell function on a molecular level regardless of the organism.

Try PEMF therapy today

One way to try pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is by contacting local veterinary clinics or equestrian trainers. PEMF therapy is becoming increasingly popular among wellness professionals for pets, stock animals, and people, too.

If you’re a wellness professional that doesn’t offer PEMF therapy, you should. We can help with that. PEMF Complete sells a variety of PEMF systems for professional use.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy isn’t just for wellness professionals, however. Investing in a PEMF device is investing in your pet’s health. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can be done every day, and several times a day. The more you use PEMF, the greater the health benefits. Contact PEMF Complete to buy or lease a PEMF device for home use.

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