Which PEMF Products are Right for You?

Once you know you want to use PEMF, figuring out which PEMF products are right for you is the next step. Your chiropractic clinic needs a different system than an independent physical therapist. A horse trainer needs different PEMF products than a veterinarian. Someone looking for a home PEMF system has different needs than a professional.

PEMF therapy is used to treat a wide range of patients for many different ailments. Workers who develop overuse injuries, people dealing with chronic pain, athletes who suffer acute injuries, dogs with osteoarthritis, and horses with hoof injuries can all benefit from PEMF therapy. However, these different patients have unique needs, which means that they may need different PEMF systems.

It’s possible to choose a systems that meets all of your unique requirements, but the simplest, and most effective, way to identify which PEMF system is right for you is by speaking with knowledgeable professionals who can guide you through the process.

PEMF products come in many shapes and sizes

PEMF machines come in a variety of flavors. Each machine has a different weight, dimensions, and treatment options which are better suited for different applications. Some are ideal for equine athletes that travel to rodeos, while others are designed for a physical therapist’s office.

PEMF Complete Mini TravelerPEMF Complete Mini Office System

PEMF Complete machines come with coils, but you may choose to add different PEMF coils depending on your needs. The coil refers to the part of the PEMF system that attaches to the machine. It’s the part of the system that’s energized and produces the electromagnetic field. Coils include loops, ropes, kappies, mats, paddles, and hoof boxes for horses.

Which PEMF products are right for you?

You should consider several factors when choosing a PEMF system. How often you will use it your device? What type of treatment you need? What frequencies do you need? How targeted do your PEMF treatments need to be? Is portability important? Of course, budget is an important factor, too.

There’s not a one-size fits all solution for PEMF systems, and it’s difficult to know which system is right for you without an firm understanding of PEMF therapy. We can help you find the PEMF products that best suit your specific needs. We also offer leasing options, so that you can try your PEMF system before you buy it.

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