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Where Can You Try PEMF Therapy?

Maybe you’re curious about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, or you want to try PEMF therapy before you buy your own system. Here are a few places to get started if you want to try PEMF therapy.

Physical therapists and sports medicine clinics

PEMF therapy is becoming increasingly common at physical therapy and sports medicine offices. This is due to the wide range of physical health benefits that PEMF therapy has to offer. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can help with healing and recovery, improving function and range of motion, as well as managing symptoms.

Massage therapists

Some people seek massage therapy for relaxation; others look to massage therapy for its health benefits. Massage provides relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, improves mood, and promotes healthy function. PEMF accomplishes the same thing, and more. The FDA approves pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to treat anxiety and depression, and PEMF therapy is used to treat a range of acute and chronic health conditions.

Chiropractic clinics

Many chiropractors now offer PEMF therapy. Like chiropractic care, PEMF therapy provides a non-invasive and drug free alternative treatment option for several acute and chronic health conditions.

Veterinary clinics

Contact a vet in your area to see if he or she offers PEMF therapy if you’re looking for PEMF therapy for your pet or animal. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can be used on large animals, such as horses, as well as small household pets. There have even been studies on slugs to examine the benefits of PEMF therapy.

Home PEMF systems

Sometimes you may not be able to find PEMF in your area. We sell and lease PEMF systems for home use. Leasing a PEMF device allows you to try PEMF therapy before you buy it.

Interested in adding PEMF therapy to your practice, or buying a PEMF device for home use? Contact PEMF Complete online or call 877-473-6377 for more information about our PEMF systems.

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