What’s a Biohack?

“Biohacking” is a term that has worked its way into modern vernacular. It’s a word that sounds like it was plucked out of the future. It sounds technologically advanced, and it also sounds a little bit intimidating. But what qualifies as a biohack? Does brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush count as biohacking? What about daily stretching? Is PEMF therapy a biohack?

What does biohack mean?

Merriam-Webster states that the term “biohacking” was first used in 1992, and defines biohacking as:

“biological experimentation (as by gene editing or the use of drugs or implants) done to improve the qualities or capabilities of living organisms especially by individuals and groups working outside a traditional medical or scientific research environment.”

By this definition, you’re not biohacking at at the breakfast table, or in your car on the way to work, or at the grocery store, or anywhere outside of a lab or without the aid of a device or a drug. Think Iron Man, a pill that increases cognitive ability, or a gymnast installing gyroscopes in his body to improve balance.

This isn’t how most people use the term biohacking, however.

A looser definition of biohacking means making positive changes to improve your life. This is the definition that has been popularized by motivational speakers and lifestyle gurus, although they tend to dress it up a bit.

This crowd talks about hacking your body’s biology, biological transformations, retraining your brain, unlocking potential, and crushing life. “Hack” implies exclusivity: some type of advantage, a shortcut, or a loophole. It almost suggests some type of secret, or that you might be gaming the system in some way.

However, by this casual definition things such as sitting up straight and putting butter in your coffee count as biohacks.

Ultimately, biohack has different meanings, but people typically use the term in the most generous sense: doing something to improve your life. “Healthy decisions”, “positive lifestyle changes”, and “good life choices” don’t roll off the tongue quite like “biohack”, though.

Is PEMF therapy a biohack?

PEMF therapy is a safe and effective treatment that promotes wellness and improves your quality of life. Life coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins, who uses PEMF therapy to reduce stress and relieve pain, considers PEMF a biohack. If you don’t like the trendy and contrived term “biohacking”, you don’t have to use it. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy does provide numerous health benefits that can improve your life, however:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improve mobility and range of motion
  • Improve mood
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Decrease inflammation and swelling
  • Reduce pain
  • Increase cell metabolism
  • Improve blood flow and circulation
  • Decrease healing times
  • Increase recovery times
  • Promote the body’s natural healing processes
  • Treat migraine headaches
  • Improve nutrient absorption
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Promote wellness
  • Improve overall quality of life

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