What to Expect from Your First PEMF Treatment

One of the great things about living in the information age is that you can always be prepared. With a little digging you can find the answer to virtually any question that you come up with. This saves time, helps you make better decisions, and allows you to go into situations with more confidence. Some tend to have a lot of questions about PEMF therapy. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy might sound intimidating, but it’s really a simple, straightforward, and relaxing process. Here’s what to expect during a PEMF treatment.

What is PEMF treatment like?

PEMF therapy sends waves of electromagnetic energy through the body. These pulses alternately engage and relax your cells, which promotes healthy cell function and improved cellular health.

While PEMF systems use electricity to produce electromagnetic fields, the electricity itself isn’t sent through the body. Instead, the electricity activates the coils attached to the PEMF machine. These coils generate the pulsed electromagnetic fields which are responsible for the health benefits of PEMF therapy.

The coils are placed on the part of the body where you want to focus the treatment. If you have chronic back pain, you’ll place the coil on your back. If you suffered an elbow injury, you’ll place the coil on your elbow. You can also loop the coil around your body in general. The treatment will reach the cells that need it, and will not do any harm for areas that don’t need treatment.

As the PEMF system works, you’ll feel the pulse. You might find that the areas that really need treatment will visibly move as the cells are engaged. This can be an unusual sensation, but it doesn’t hurt.

The process is pain-free, you don’t have to undress for the treatment, and people often feel the effects almost immediately.

Are there any side effects of PEMF therapy?

There are no negative side effects of PEMF therapy. It is completely safe. PEMF therapy is a non-invasive and non-addictive way to relieve pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, promote faster recovery and injury healing, and improve your overall cell health.

How long are PEMF treatments?

PEMF therapy treatments last just a few minutes. How often you receive treatments depends on your desired health outcome. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy treats acute pain and injuries, but it also provides lasting health benefits.

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