Using a PEMF Machine at Home

Cellular interaction takes place when the magnetic field produced by the PEMF machine comes on contact with the body.

It can help with various diseases, disorders, injuries, or diseases.

Through clinical studies we have found PEMF can…

Increase circulation

Decrease inflammation

Accelerate bone healing

Enhance muscle function

Reduce the effects of stress

Improve blood oxygenation, and much more

What makes PEMF different?

By the use of the magnetic field which was originally discovered by NASA, pemf is quickly making its way into the Healthcare field.

PEMF can help aid in accelerating the healing process. It’s a non invasive drug free therapy.

Sleep management

PEMF therapy usage at home can help with falling asleep and staying asleep. Through theta-delta frequencies, the brain is induced with the traditionally known frequencies for deep relaxation and sleep.

PEMF had the ability to improve sleep quality. It effects more than we realize. It creates a healthier body overall when we target specific areas. The pituitary gland, which produces several hormones involved in a variety of physiological processes such as growth, metabolism, stress and reproduction, is an important target of melatonin. Melatonin is one of the most vital hormones for anti-aging and sleep.

This recharges the body providing people with an increased amount of energy throughout the day.

Mental Focus

Different states induced by PEMF enable an environment for a healthier mental state.

The Alpha state is when the mind is awakened but relaxed. It is set to learn and retain information.

The Beta brain waves is another state where the ability for data processing, problem solving, and multitasking is increased, allowing individuals to prevent distraction, have focused control, and be highly productive.

Stress reduction

Studies have shown that when PEMF therapy is regularly used, it changes the body’s stress responses. This is due to targeted key organs in the body and how it effects its function.  The endocrine and nervous systems, along with the cells or organs of the body become more highly functioning in a healthier state for the reduction of stress to occur.

Injury prevention and recovery

PEMF is an FDA approved medical device for several topics. One being its ability to stimulate cells to help heal fractures. The studies have shown us its effect on cells and the rapid recovery with frequent usage. The body us given an energy boost each time we apply it. Dealing with arthritis? Fractures bone? Muscle stradysfunctions. Nerve pain? … PEMF serves a purpose for many diseases, injuries, and disfunctions.

Receive continuous therapy from your own home

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