Treating Neck Pain with PEMF Therapy

More than 20% of Americans will experience neck pain, making it one of the most common physical complaints in the country.

It’s sometimes difficult to diagnose the exact cause of neck pain because there are so many things that can cause acute and chronic neck pain. Ultimately you want to work with a healthcare professional and get a proper diagnosis, but you still need neck pain relief in the meantime. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy offers a safe and effective neck pain treatment option.

What causes neck pain?

There are many different health issues that can cause neck pain. Working at a desk or a computer for hours on end, sleeping in an awkward position, driving long distances, and craning your neck to look down at your phone are common causes of neck pain. Neck pain can result from poor posture, sudden movements, and an accident or injury. Certain diseases, neurological disorders, or medical conditions can lead to acute or chronic neck pain as well.

Neck pain can originate in the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, and bones of the neck. Maybe your neck is constantly sore, stiff, or tight, or maybe you feel a sharp pain when you turn your head in a certain direction. Neck pain can also be accompanied by a tingling sensation or numbness.

The takeaway here is that there are many different things that can cause neck pain. This is one of the reasons why PEMF therapy is such an effective neck pain treatment option. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy triggers the body’s natural healing process on a cellular level, and it promotes healthy cell function. It is used for a wide range of health issues and ailments, including pain management.

Non-drug neck pain relief

Another key benefit of PEMF therapy is that it provides a safe and effective treatment option for neck pain. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is non-invasive and it’s a drug-free alternative to treat neck pain.

Again, the cause of your neck pain could be so many different things, and it’s important to speak to a healthcare professional to get an accurate diagnosis. PEMF therapy can, however, help treat neck pain. Unlike drugs which simply mask the pain, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can help address the underlying issue causing the symptoms.

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