Top 5 Health Benefits of PEMF Therapy

There are many different health benefits of PEMF therapy — so how can we pick the top five? Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has a wide range of uses: healing, recovery, training, injury prevention, and wellness. What an individual might look to get out of PEMF therapy depends on personal health needs and desired health outcomes. Someone with arthritis will value PEMF for pain reduction, whereas a professional athlete might look to PEMF therapy for athletic performance gains. Still, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy provides general health benefits that apply to almost everyone regardless of age, health, or level of fitness.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can help anyone. Here are a few of the top health benefits of PEMF therapy.

Improved immune response

The body’s immune system, or lymphatic system, fights of infections and diseases. The stronger your immune system is the better it can protect your body from potentially harmful bacteria, microbes, and antigens. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy strengthens the immune system and promotes your body’s natural ability to protect itself, heal, and recover.

Promotes wellness

PEMF therapy works on the molecular level to increase cell health and improve cellular function. Healthy cells that work the way they’re supposed to help you stay healthy and promotes wellness.

Non-invasive and non-drug treatment

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is used to treat many different disease, illnesses, and conditions. It’s approved by the FDA for several different types of treatment including migraine, depression, anxiety, healing nonunion fractures, and muscle stimulation.

One of the biggest advantages of PEMF therapy is that it’s a non-invasive and non-drug treatment option. PEMF therapy can provide an alternative to both surgery and pharmaceutical drugs.

For example, PEMF therapy offers a drug-free treatment for chronic pain. The current opioid crisis makes pulsed electromagnetic field therapy an especially appealing option.

Improve mood

We sometimes forget that taking care of your mental health is just as important as caring for your physical health. PEMF therapy can improve all aspects of your health: mental, emotional, and physical.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy helps reduce stress. PEMF therapy can improve your mood and is approved by the FDA to treat depression and anxiety.

Improve circulation

PEMF therapy dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow, and oxygenates the cells. Better circulation helps provide improved nutrient absorption, improved cell metabolism, improved removal of cell waste.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a safe and effective form of treatment that can help anyone. It can be used for pets and livestock, too. PEMF therapy has many more health benefits than those listed here. It can help competitive and recreational athletes perform at their best, and it can help those suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis.

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