How can PEMF therapy help?

PEMF therapy energizes and normalizes cells, creating the perfect environment for the body’s natural healing to take place. Oxygen in the blood can increase by as much as 200%, improving cell metabolism and decreasing inflammation. Your body makes better use of nutrients and recovers faster from training.

Academic and clinical studies of PEMF therapy have found that PEMF accelerates bone healing, is beneficial for wound healing, increases bone density, and assists with overall health and wellbeing. PEMF therapy is painless and non-invasive. It can help with pain management, allowing users to avoid or reduce their use of pain medications.

These results explain why PEMF therapy is widely used.

PEMF therapy is also used to help with post-surgical recovery and in other health care situations. Clinical and academic research has demonstrated that PEMF therapy can reduce swelling and inflammation. PEMF therapy is FDA approved for a number of different treatments, particularly for musculoskeletal issues. As a general rule, any problems with soreness, stiffness, pain, and swelling can respond to PEMF therapy.

What to expect?

PEMF Complete PEMF therapy systems include loops that are designed to be used for any species. PEMF users will often feel relaxed in a PEMF session. Electromagnetic pulses reach deep into the tissues and bones, stimulating and energizing on a cellular level.

The animal may experience a sense of “twitching” in areas where they have pain or inflammation. Once the treatment is complete, owners report their animals feeling better and can immediately return to work or competition. There is no recovery time required.

PEMF therapy starts a process that continues in the body after the therapy ends. Treatments once or twice a week are usually sufficient and work long after the treatment ends.

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