Surgery or PEMF?

Sometimes there is no alternative to a surgery. Surgery should be viewed as a last resort, however, rather than a primary means to treat health problems. There are times when PEMF therapy may provide an alternative to an invasive surgical procedure, such as healing nonunion bone fractures. Here’s why you should consider PEMF therapy before looking to surgery.

Surgeries are scary

Even minor surgeries come with a certain level of stress. It doesn’t matter how routine a procedure is, or how competent the surgeon may be, the thought of going in for an invasive surgery is unsettling. PEMF therapy, on the other hand, is completely safe, and the treatments are soothing and relaxing.

Pain and discomfort

There’s going to be pain or discomfort during surgery, after surgery, or both. Surgeries can be unpleasant even under anesthesia. The electromagnetic fields used in PEMF therapy promote improved cell health and function on a molecular level without causing any harm, pain, or discomfort.

The risk of complications

There’s the potential for severe complications from surgery. Hemorrhaging, blood clots, or damage to tissues around the surgery site may occur during the procedure. After surgery there’s risk for infection or illness. More serious surgeries present the risk of death. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can be used on almost anyone and has no negative health effects.

Surgery is expensive

Purchasing a PEMF machine costs less than most surgical procedures. When you consider the extensive health benefits of PEMF therapy, and the fact that PEMF therapy can be used as a preventive treatment to promote wellness, the overall cost of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is even smaller.

Recovery times from surgery

Recovery time for surgery varies depending on the procedure. Sometimes you need to rest a few days, and sometimes it can take months before you fully recover. PEMF therapy, on the other hand, leaves you feeling better immediately after the treatment. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is also used to reduce recovery times from surgeries.

Is PEMF therapy right for you?

Talk to your doctor to see if pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is an option for you. We sell and lease PEMF machines for home use as well as PEMF devices for healthcare professionals. Call 877-473-6377 or contact PEMF Complete online for more information about our PEMF systems.

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