Research Shows Benefits of PEMF in Sheep

For breeding and show stock, PEMF can help improve the overall health of sheep.

When cells are energized, toxins removed, and tension released – It can improve the performance in the show pen and chances for a successful breeding season.

When cells are at their healthiest the body is given that extra boost needed to fight off disease, infection, and other problems that can hinder the health of animals.

PEMF can provide both physical and emotional benefits to sheep!


This lovely lady tried out PEMF for the first time before breeding season. Her mom wanted to help give her the best chance at both a healthy wool production and a healthy immune system for breeding time.

In a research article it was found that PEMF had a significant and positive effect on the body weights and daily gains of growing ewes. More clinical research studies regarding PEMF on multiple subjects can be found at:


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