Reining Horses Injury Prevention and Recovery

The power and agility reining horses give us makes them a hard working athlete! Attention to and care of their joints and well being is of utmost important when a lower score could cost us the win we wanted. Every maneuver counts and the movement within it. When they are feeling their best with continuous therapy this is the least we can do to get the most out of our horses.

PEMF complete machines are very easy to load in the trailer to use at shows or move around in the barn. It is best used on a maintenance schedule based off the horses work out routine, amount of shows they go to, and traveling they do. Use the week leading up to competition, before and after runs, and the week your back home. This routine preps the body for injury prevention prior to and decreases recovery time and lactic acid build up after workouts, competition, and travel.


Increases circulation, decreases inflammation, and provides natural pain relief through endorphins releasing and rushing to the area.


Lactic acid build up and sore stiff muscles are a problem. Removal of this post workouts and runs is the first step to having improvement the next time you ride. Long nights after a reining show? prepping for the next day ride? This is where PEMF is an easy aid to add into your routine.


Care of joints and muscle pain elimination prevents compensation within the body from building up. Compensatory patterns begin to show up when the horse feels pain. Overuse injuries are a risk with this, which is why prevention is the best method.


Speak with a PEMF complete specialist regarding the different machine options to find out what will best serve your horses. Whether your the trainer, owner, or care specialist of the barn we can help direct you by calling us at 877-473-6377 or Contact PEMF Complete online!