Portable PEMF Systems Offer Treatment on the Go

Some of our customers want workhorse PEMF systems that will stay in their office, clinic, or barn. They’re not planning on moving their system around, so size, weight, and mobility aren’t really issues. Many of our customers, however, spend a lot of time on the road; that’s part of the job description if you’re an athlete, you show livestock, or you’re a traveling vet or chiropractic doctor. Portable PEMF systems are ideal for people who travel.

Who benefits from portable PEMF systems?

If you compete, you are going to travel. Even if you compete by showing livestock you’re going to have to travel your circuit, too. Athletes spend a lot of time on on highways and on planes. This is true for team sports, individual sports – like swimming, running, and cycling – and even equine athletes.

The longer you’re on the road, the more difficult it is to recover and stay at your best. Spending time in vehicles, on trailers, or in hotels makes it difficult to relax and recover the way that you’re body is accustomed to.

Being able to use PEMF therapy while on the road is going to help you stay at your best, even when the odds are against you. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy provides a number of benefits including decreased recovery time, reduced healing time for injuries, improved mood, and improved overall health and athletic performance.

Of course, athletes and competitors aren’t the only group that can benefit from portable PEMF devices. Maybe you’re a vet, physical therapist, or chiropractic doctor that does house calls. Portable PEMF systems can benefit your practice.

Choosing a portable PEMF device

PEMF Complete Mini TravelerSize and weight are two of the biggest factors in choosing a PEMF device that you can carry with you while traveling, but there are other things to consider, as well.

PEMF Complete offers a wide range of devices for personal and professional use. Take a look at our portable PEMF systems, we offer several PEMF devices that weigh in under 10 pounds! Call 877-473-6377, or contact PEMF Complete online for more information about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

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