PEMF Treatment for Hooves

Hoof problems range in severity, but you want to treat them as quickly as possible regardless of how serious they are. Small issues often become big problems if left untreated, and you don’t want your horse to suffer. PEMF therapy offers numerous performance and health benefits for horses, and it’s a fast, safe, and effective treatment for hooves.

How does PEMF treatment for hooves work?

A horse’s hoof is a surprisingly complex structure. It’s made up of cartilage, blood vessels, keratin, bones, and tissues. Any part of the hoof can have issues, and PEMF therapy can treat many of those hoof problems.

PEMF treatment for hooves can help with hoof cracks, abscesses, soreness, infections, bruises, quarter cracks, and many other hoof problems.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy received FDA approval for healing non-union fractures almost 40 years ago. Since then, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved PEMF therapy as a treatment for several additional health issues. It’s used to heal bones, ligaments, and wounds, and it provides a number of performance enhancing benefits as well.

During PEMF therapy, metal coils generate electromagnetic fields in waves. These EMF pulses penetrate through the body to promote healthy cell function and stimulate cellular repair. PEMF therapy speeds up natural recovery by increasing blood flow and oxygenating the cells.

PEMF hoof treatments may look a little different depending on the hoof problem and the PEMF system you use. PEMF Complete systems deliver EMF pulses through hoof paddles and hoof boxes. While there may be subtle differences, the hoof will be in direct contact with the coil during PEMF treatment for hooves.

Where can I try PEMF therapy?

Talk to your local vet to see if he or she offers PEMF therapy. When you consider all of the health and performance benefits of PEMF, every equine vet should offer pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

If your vet doesn’t offer equine PEMF therapy, or if you’d like to personally own a PEMF machine, we offer a variety of PEMF systems. Call 877-473-6377, or contact PEMF Complete online, for more information about buying or leasing a PEMF machine.

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