PEMF Therapy for Dogs

PEMF therapy for dogs? It’s obviously popular with the dogs! A dog receiving pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a relaxed and happy dog.

And it’s no wonder. While your local vet may not yet be using PEMF therapy for dogs, there is evidence that it can be very helpful with pain and inflammation.

Research on PEMF therapy for dogs

A study at the North Carolina State University found that PEMF therapy helped dogs with spine injuries. The specific type of injury in the study can lead to paralysis about half the time. In a controlled test, dogs who were treated with PEMF therapy showed less pain and better proprioception — that is, they could tell where their back legs were and had a better sense of their bodies.

A study at the University of Bologna found that PEMF therapy reduced pain in dogs diagnosed with osteoarthritis. The research checked the immediate effects of PEMF therapy and followed up at intervals for one year after the beginning of treatment. “PEMF increases blood circulation and tissues oxygenation, and reduces pain, edema and hematoma,” researchers concluded.

Another year-long study compared PEMF therapy with medication for inflammation. This was a controlled study of dogs with osteoarthritis. Half were given medication and half received PEMF therapy. While both groups of dogs got relief from pain, the dogs using the anti-inflammatory medication got no further benefits after they stopped receiving the medication. They returned to baseline levels of pain and inflammation. The dogs who received PEMF therapy continued to feel better to the end of the study.

Where to find PEMF therapy for dogs

More veterinarians are choosing to offer PEMF therapy. If your vet doesn’t use PEMF, you might suggest it. The evidence in favor of its use is compelling, and it provides an additional income stream for vets as well as convenience for patients.

However, you may also want to purchase or lease a PEMF therapy system. Especially if your dog suffers from arthritis, regular home treatments can really improve your furry friend’s quality of life. The right system depends on the size of your dog, of course, as well as your specific needs. Call PEMF Complete at 877-473-6377 and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.


PEMF treatments can improve your quality of life, too. We find that pet owners discover this for themselves. Browse our PEMF systems, and then give us a call to learn more.

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