PEMF Therapy for Depression and Emotional Wellness

What comes to mind when you think of wellness? For some, wellness means good health. It means making healthy choices, such as regular exercise and a balanced, nutritious diet. The physical aspects of wellness are important, but the process doesn’t stop with good physical health. Emotional well-being is also crucial to wellness, yet it is sometimes neglected.  Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can improve both physical health and emotional health. An increasing number of people are turning to PEMF therapy for depression and anxiety.

There has been a significant amount of scientific research and study showing that PEMF therapy offers physical health benefits. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy improves the health, function, and regeneration of cells in both people and animals. Athletes are using PEMF therapy to improve their performance and decrease recovery times, and veterinarians are using PEMF to treat osteoarthritis in dogs and bone fractures in racehorses.

While many patients seek out PEMF therapy for its physical health benefits, Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is also commonly used to improve emotional wellness.

The prevalence of depression and anxiety

Depression is one of the most common disorders in the U.S. In 2016, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIH) estimated that 16.2 million American adults experienced at least one major depressive episode, and many more experienced mild depression. The NIH also estimated that 19.1% of American adults had an anxiety disorder within the last year.

Depression and anxiety are associated with mental health and emotional health, but they can also take a serious toll on a person’s physical health. These conditions can be debilitating, and can increase the risk for mortality.

While there are different types of treatment for depression and anxiety, many who suffer from these conditions choose pharmaceutical drugs and medication. These drugs often carry the risk of unwanted side effects, however.

PEMF therapy for depression and anxiety

Many clinics and independent physicians use PEMF devices to improve the emotional health and mental health of their patients.

In 2006, the FDA approved PEMF therapy for treatment of depression and anxiety. PEMF therapy for depression and anxiety is a safe and effective treatment option. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy doesn’t put the patient at risk for unwanted side effects.

There are more than 1,600 published studies supporting the benefits of PEMF therapy. Contact  us online or call 877-473-6377 for more information about the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and PEMF therapy for depression.

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