PEMF Therapy for Bucking Bulls

Next time you’re at the rodeo, look around for loops like these on the backs of those bucking bulls. The loops are part of a PEMF machine — a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device, to be precise.

A PEMF machine sends electromagnetic pulses through the body, activating cells painlessly and with no side effects. The result is less pain, less swelling and inflammation, more oxygen, and faster recovery. PEMF therapy is non-invasive and helps keep bovine athletes at peak performance for a longer career.

PEMF therapy was first used in the United States for racehorses. Now it’s popular for equine athletes, show stock, and even for human athletes. Bull rider Stetson Lawrence credits a PEMF machine with getting him back in the ring after he suffered a fractured pelvis. “It increases blood flow and blood cell growth,” he told a reporter from “It is insane.”

Research supports use of PEMF therapy

A study of osteoarthritis in bovine cartilage showed that PEMF therapy was able to reduce the progress of osteoarthritis in a laboratory setting. The results “confirmed that PEMF stimulation can be used as adjuvant therapy to preserve cartilage from detrimental effects of high inflammatory cytokine levels during OA.” Clinical studies have also found that PEMF therapy is helpful in treating musculoskeletal pain and degeneration in dogs and human beings.

There are relatively few studies on the use of PEMF therapy with bucking bulls. More research is needed in this area. But the extensive research done with other organisms tells us something about the value of PEMF for bulls, too, because bulls, horses, and even human beings are not very different at the cellular level.

PEMF therapy charges cells and improves the natural healing power of the body. Your bucking stock will appreciate the increased energy — and you’ll be able to see the difference.

How to get started

Bovine athletes can get the benefits of safe, non-invasive PEMF therapy before and after sporting events. Because the PEMF Complete PEMF machine is portable, it’s easy to provide treatment at the rodeo or other bull riding event. We offer a range of PEMF systems to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re a trainer, an owner, a rider, or a PEMF therapy pro, we can supply you with the PEMF therapy device you need, and the support you want. Call 877-473-6377 to discuss your needs.


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