PEMF Therapy and Dog Surgery Recovery

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy offers several health benefits for pets and stock animals. A common use for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is accelerating surgery recovery. PEMF therapy helps reduce pain and swelling after surgeries, and it helps reduce the amount of time that it takes to recover from a surgical procedure. A study published in the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association examined pulsed electromagnetic field therapy’s affect on surgery recovery in dogs.

A study on dog surgery recovery and PEMF therapy

Degenerative disc disease — the wearing down or deterioration of discs between the vertebrae in the spinal column — is common in older dogs. Healthy vertebral discs provide cushioning, protection, and flexibility along the spine. However, over time these discs lose elasticity and wear down.

Disc disease results in chronic pain, loss of mobility, reduced range of motion, and even paralysis in dogs. The condition may be treated through a surgery known as hemilaminectomy, which removes part of the vertebral laminae to relieve excess pressure on the nerves in the spine.

Researchers from the Animal Medical Center conducted a study to determine if PEMF therapy affects dog surgery recovery from a hemilaminectomy procedure. The study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. It included 53 dogs who underwent spinal surgery for degenerative disc disease. The dogs were randomly assigned to one of two groups; 27 received PEMF therapy and 28 received placebo treatments.

After six weeks, the dogs that received PEMF therapy for surgery recovery were doing noticeably better than those that received placebo treatments. Wound healing was “significantly better” in the group receiving PEMF therapy treatments. The dogs receiving pulsed electromagnetic field therapy also required 1.8 times fewer pain medications during the seven days following the surgery.

PEMF therapy is safe, simple, and effective

There are more than 1600 published studies supporting the safety and effectiveness of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Research shows that PEMF therapy can help patients recover from surgery in many ways:

  • pain reduction
  • reduce swelling and inflammation
  • increase blood flow
  • improve cell function
  • improves cell health
  • accelerate healing

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