PEMF Pain Relief for Dogs

Using PEMF on your dog regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle can optimize the level of health in your dog. It can be used as a preventative and a maintenance therapy.

Why PEMF for Dogs

With many conditions, age, dogs in work, and sedentary dogs inflammation is a big factor in a long term pain free life. PEMF is able to move inflammation out of the body creating a healthier environment. It also makes every cell a healthier cell! This is important because healthy cells are able to fight off infection and heal the body from the inside out. Over time the body starts to compensate for pain, inflammation, injury, and more. The cells are then stuck in a vicious cycle of repairing itself. In this process many cells become drained and weak. The body is then drained of energy because all of the work is being put into the areas needing the most help.

This is where PEMF comes in!

It energizes the cell by mobilizing it.

Increases circulation moving these cells around.

Increased circulation means nutrient rich blood moves in and toxin heavy blood out.

PEMF creates this cycle boost for an easier healthier life of the body.


Don’t wait for injury to occur to start PEMF. Do it now for prevention of an injury!


Some common issues PEMF can help with in dogs

Cruciate Ligament Tear

Hip Dysplasia


Joint Pain


and certain conditions directed by a veterinarian where you are attempting to avoid surgery.


What machine will work best for your dogs current condition or issue?

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