PEMF Machines vs. Static Magnets

Magnetic health products have become quite popular over the years. You can buy magnetic bracelets, magnetic necklaces, wraps and insoles containing permanent magnets, and many other products with permanent magnets in them. These devices are marketed under the umbrella of magnet therapy. Despite their popularity, however, studies have shown magnet therapy to have no proven health benefits. People sometimes mistakenly assume that this type of magnet therapy includes PEMF. Static magnets and electromagnets – like those used in PEMF machines – are quite different.

Magnetic therapy and static magnets

Static magnets, otherwise known as permanent magnets, produce a constant magnetic field. These low-strength fields do not change. You cannot turn these magnetic fields on or off; they just exist.

Something has to happen to static magnets in order to change their magnetic fields. Things that can change the magnetic field of a permanent magnet include exposure to extreme heat, shock, or another magnetic field.

There’s no research to support claims that static magnets offer health benefits. It’s not that the studies haven’t been conducted. The studies have just shown no discernible difference between a device with a real static magnet and a fake magnet.

You may have a friend that claims a magnetic bracelet cured her migraines, or an uncle who swears his magnetic insoles melted away his back pain. There’s no scientific research to support claims like these, however. Maybe your friend also started relaxation therapy, your uncle started doing yoga, or maybe it was the placebo effect.

PEMF therapy and electromagnets

Electromagnets use metal and electricity to create a magnetic field.  An electrical current runs through a metal coil to produce a magnetic field in PEMF machines. Unlike static magnets, you can control the magnetic field with electromagnets. You can switch the field on and off. PEMF machines are not magnetic when they are turned off, for example.

There’s a lot of science-based research showing the health benefits of PEMF machines. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is FDA approved to treat a number of health issues and disease.

Magnetic therapy and PEMF are two different things

Magnetic therapy includes those wearable magnetic devices that extensive research and study have found to provide no health benefits. Static magnets are not approved by the FDA for treatment in anyway.

Scientific research shows that pulsed electromagnetic field therapy provides health benefits. The FDA approves PEMF therapy for the healing of nonunion fractures, urinary incontinence, muscle stimulation, depression, anxiety, and as a treatment for brain cancer. All of the PEMF machines from Pulsed PEMF Pro are FDA-approved wellness devices.

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