PEMF for Dogs

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy improves the quality of life for older dogs, dogs with chronic pain, and even young, healthy dogs. There are numerous health benefits of PEMF therapy, and it’s used by pet owners to treat symptoms as well as to maintain wellness. Here’s some information about PEMF for dogs.

PEMF therapy as treatment

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has a wide range of applications. It’s approved by the FDA to treat several diseases in humans, and it offers the same benefits for animals.

PEMF for dogs is commonly used to treat pain, arthritis, inflammation, stiffness, bone injuries, and wounds. It has been used to treat ligament injuries, spinal cord injuries, and neurological conditions. Electromagnetic field therapy also relieves the pain and discomfort that many older dogs experience.

One of the main benefits of PEMF therapy is that it’s safe and non-invasive. There are no negative risks or side effects, which isn’t true for medication or surgery. The electromagnetic pulses used in PEMF therapy naturally stimulate the cells to promote healthy cell function.

PEMF for arthritis and hip dysplasia

Osetoarthritis is one of the most common health problems in older dogs, and many large dog breeds develop hip dysplasia over time. Dogs with these chronic conditions can really benefit from pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Both arthritis and hip dysplasia have been successfully treated using PEMF for dogs.

These conditions cause constant pain discomfort, and relieving these symptoms often means daily medication. Not only is PEMF for dogs a safe alternative to medicating your pet, but it’s been shown to provide lasting, rather than temporary, relief of arthritis symptoms.

PEMF makes healthy and happy dogs

While PEMF is a safe and effective treatment for numerous health problems, it doesn’t just relieve negative symptoms. There are several health benefits of PEMF for dogs, as well. The electromagnetic fields and frequencies generated during PEMF promote cellular regeneration and improved cellular function.

Some of the health benefits of PEMF for dogs include better circulation, increased cell metabolism, improved energy production, and increased endurance.

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy is ideal for pet owners who love being active. If you enjoy running with your dog or taking your dog on hikes, electromagnetic field therapy is the perfect compliment to an active lifestyle.

Plus, dogs love it! PEMF treatments make dogs calm and relaxed. The pulses are soothing for dogs, and they are naturally drawn to the mats or coils. The FDA approves pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to treat anxiety and depression in humans, and it works for dogs, too!

Where can I try PEMF?

Your local veterinarian’s office may offer PEMF therapy. If your vet does not provide these treatments, however, you can lease or purchase your own PEMF device.

Alternatively, you can suggest pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to your vet. Many vets already know the benefits of PEMF, but they may need to know that their patients want the treatment option.

PEMF therapy isn’t just for dogs. It works on animals of all shapes and sizes. It’s safe and effective for cats, birds, reptiles, and rabbits, as well as many other animals.

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