You Can Use PEMF for Cats?

People are sometimes surprised to learn that pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can be used on household pets. Those who know about PEMF therapy know that it’s used for athletes and maybe even horses, but they may not realize that the electromagnetic fields can benefit dogs and even cats. Not only can PEMF for cats help with healing and recovery, PEMF therapy can also help healthy cats stay in good health.

How can PEMF therapy help cats?

The benefits of PEMF are far-reaching. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy works by oxygenating cells, improving circulation, and improving the function and natural healing process of the cells.

This means that PEMF therapy can help cats with a wide range of health problems and conditions. It’s not just useful for healing and recovery, however. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can help already healthy pets stay healthy and improve their overall quality of life.

PEMF therapy for cats helps with:

  • symptoms of osteoarthritis
  • problems with the circulatory system
  • metabolic issues
  • muscle control
  • the effects of aging
  • bone healing
  • wound healing
  • recovery from infection or surgery

Animals also love PEMF therapy, and many pets natural seek the coils during treatments.

Why would you choose PEMF for cats?

Few pet owners are enthusiastic about subjecting their beloved pet to a lifetime of medication or a surgical procedure.

PEMF therapy is safe and non-invasive. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy offers a treatment option without the negative side effects of drugs and without the risk for complications of surgery.

It’s also effective. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy takes just a few minutes, begins working immediately, and it provides lasting health benefits.

PEMF therapy can be used as a primary treatment, and in some cases may provide an alternative to medication or surgery. It’s also used as a complementary treatment and can help with healing after injuries or surgical procedures.

The number of veterinary clinics and hospitals using PEMF therapy for animals is increasing. If you’re interested in PEMF for cats, dogs, or any other pet, try contacting your local veterinary clinics. For vets or pet owners who are interested in buying or leasing a PEMF system, contact PEMF Complete online, or call 877-473-6377.

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