PEMF for athletes

PEMF for Athletes

Shaquille O’Neal uses pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, Brian Baldinger uses it, Lance Armstrong uses it. You’ll find PEMF machines at the Olympic Village and NFL training camps, college locker rooms, and sports medicine clinics. So why is PEMF for athletes becoming so popular?

Athletes at every level put stress on their muscles, joints, and ligaments; both professionals and recreational athletes want to improve athletic performance. This means that athletes at all levels can benefit from pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

PEMF for athletes improves performance

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy promotes the natural regeneration and health of cells. This results in improved athletic performance and reduced recovery times.

PEMF therapy uses natural electromagnetic pulses to recharge cells at the molecular level. Ice can reduce surface swelling, but the PEMF machine reaches through the body, optimizing tissue health. Athletes operate at peak performance levels, reducing the chance of injury.

Athletic performance depends on bodies working in peak condition. PEMF therapy primes muscles for sustained exertion and rapid recovery. PEMF therapy allows athletes to work harder and be at their best for their next session.

Depending on the type of athlete you are, this can mean setting a new world record, smashing your personal best, or reducing day to day soreness.

Reducing recovery time with PEMF for athletes

Proper recovery is essential for training and athletic performance. If you don’t allow your body enough time to recover, you reduce the effectiveness of training sessions and impede progress.

A PEMF machine sends electromagnetic pulses deep into the tissues. The pulses recharge cells and oxygenate the blood. This non-invasive therapy reduces pain and inflammation, encourages the body’s natural healing processes, and reduces the need for pain medication. The FDA has approved PEMF therapy for a number of different applications relating to healing. Clinical trials have found that PEMF therapy can increase the rate of healing in bone fractures and post-surgery.

PEMF therapy helps ensure athletes are at their best for competition, but it can improve the quality of training, too.

Not only does PEMF therapy make each training session more effective, it also reduces the recovery period between sessions. This is why many athletes include it as a regular part of their training regimens.

What are the benefits of PEMF for athletes?

The benefits of PEMF are well documented, and they’re backed by scientific research.

PEMF therapy has been an FDA-approved form of therapy for nearly 40 years. It’s approved for a range of treatments including depression, migraines, bone fractures, and wound healing. PEMF Complete PEMF devices are registered as wellness devices.

Using PEMF for athletes offers several advantages:

  • Improves focus, concentration, and mental acuity.
  • Increases injury prevention by decreasing cellular breakdown during physical activity.
  • Increases recovery rate. Swelling and inflammation delays muscle recovery. PEMF helps athletes heal faster by reducing swelling and inflammation.
  • Pulsed electromagnetic therapy flushes out lactic acid from the cells, which helps reduce soreness.
  • Reduces stiffness, cramping, and pain from physical exertion.
  • Promotes cellular recovery and regeneration.
  • PEMF therapy oxygenates the blood. This leads to better performance and endurance, and improves energy production of muscles and cells.
  • Better range of motion, flexibility, endurance, strength, and stamina. In other words, better athletic performance.
  • Increases cellular metabolism and cell hydration.
  • Increases bone density.
  • Improves the capabilities of the immune system.

Where can I try PEMF?

The advantages of PEMF for athletes apply to all skill levels and every athlete can benefit. That doesn’t mean that each individual athlete needs an individual PEMF device.

PEMF machines are portable and can be used for many different individuals. They’re a practical choice for physical therapists, chiropractors, sports trainers, and coaches.

Individual athletes may prefer to try PEMF therapy in a clinic or with a certified PEMF practitioner. Call us at 877-473-6377 and we will be able to put you in touch with a certified practitioner. Most athletes find that they experience the benefits of PEMF therapy quickly. Trying it out can help you determine whether you prefer working with a PEMF therapist or whether you want to lease a PEMF machine for home use.

Trainers, physical therapists, and medical offices should consider owning PEMF devices. As more athletes look for PEMF therapy, you want to be able to offer it to them. Browse our PEMF systems, and give us a call with your questions.

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