Treating Dogs With Anxiety Using PEMF

Dogs can feel anxious just like people can. When people suffer from anxiety they can talk through their feelings, seek counseling or therapy, and take steps to understand what’s causing their issues. Dogs, however, can’t tell you what it is that’s making them feel anxious. This means that treating dogs with anxiety almost always means medication. PEMF therapy can offer a drug-free alternative to treat your dog’s anxiety.

Anxiety negatively affects your dog’s quality of life

Anxiety can cause your dog a lot of stress and unhappiness. There are different types of anxiety, which can be caused by different things and result in different behaviors.

Dogs with anxiety may show behaviors such as:

  • trembling
  • panting
  • salivating, drooling, or slobbering
  • involuntary urination
  • muscle tensing
  • whimpering
  • aggression

Anxious dogs may be skittish or jumpy around strangers, or they they may run off and get lost or injured. They may snap or bite – even at owners – or they may just constantly be under the stress of anxiety.

Sometimes there are are certain triggers or situations in which your dog shows signs on anxiety. Maybe your dog is triggered by loud noises, thunderstorms, being around strangers, or riding in the car. Even different textures or surfaces such as wet grass, cold concrete, or wood floors can make some dogs anxious. Maybe your dogs experiences general anxiety

Regardless of how severe your dog’s anxiety is, the triggers, or the behaviors that your dog shows, you don’t want your dog to suffer from anxiety.

Treating dogs with anxiety

Treatment for dogs with anxiety is almost always some type of medication. There are dozens of anxiety medications for dogs. These drugs may be effective in treating anxiety, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes dog owners must go through several different medications before they find the one that works for their pet. Medications also typically take a few days or weeks to begin working.

Even if you find a drug that works for your dog, many do not want to medicate their pets at all. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy provides a safe and effective alternative to medication for treating dogs with anxiety.

PEMF therapy can help treat dogs with anxiety

PEMF therapy is approved by the FDA as a treatment for anxiety in humans, and it’s effective for treating anxiety in dogs, too. It’s drug-free, it’s entirely safe, and it begins working almost immediately.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can improve your dog’s overall quality of life. PEMF therapy addresses the symptoms of anxiety, but it offers other health benefits as well. PEMF therapy promotes healing on the cellular level, and offers physical and mental health benefits.

Dogs find PEMF treatments soothing and relaxing, and they love PEMF therapy. We’ve noticed that dogs are naturally drawn to PEMF machines when the coils are active.

Scientific research continues to show how pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can benefits pets, which is why an increasing number of vets offer PEMF therapy. Talk to your local veterinarian clinic to see if they offer PEMF therapy.

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