PEMF Complete for Stress

Stress is something we can’t escape from. It’s an obstacle we face and deal with everyday. Some amounts of stress are healthy and appropriate for certain scenarios, but chronic long term stress really takes a toll on our mental and physical health. Often times depression and/or anxiety follows right along with stress. It can be debilitating.




Lack of quality sleep

Sad or anxious

Feeling empty or hopeless


Digestive health

Chronic pain



Effectiveness of magnetic field therapy on both depression and anxiety disorders have been demonstrated through research.

Research has demonstrated the value of using PEMF to treat depression. One study showed that mice treated with a pulsed low-frequency magnetic field had a reduction in “anxiety-like behaviors” after fifteen minutes of treatment (Choleris, et al).

One study of low-intensity PEMF in healthy subject showed that applying treatment to two areas of the brain for just nine minutes caused brain EEG changes.  This indicates that PEMF stimulation can decrease higher EEG frequencies, common in anxiety, making it very effective in treating anxiety (Amirifalah, et al).



In 2006, the FDA approved PEMF Therapy for treatment of depression and anxiety!

The use of PEMF therapy on a regular schedule at home is easy to obtain and begin. PEMF can help enhance performance of our mental health giving us a boost of peace and serenity of the mind. PEMF is able to mobilize inflammation pushing it out of the body including in areas of the brain. Brain inflammation can be responsible for brain fog, a decline in function, depression, stress, and anxiety.

Research shows a trend taking charge of the brain health to boost its operation to a healthier functioning state.



Cells have a charge that is affected by magnetic fields. The effect allows the membrane channels to open up. When the cell channels are opened, nutrients enter the cell more easily and toxins are able to be removed more easily. A balance energized cell functioning at optimum level is achieved. This is why PEMF has a healing effect on the body.



When we are stressed this also suppresses our immune system. A huge benefit of PEMF is the ability to boost this for the body. Boosting the immune system helps protect the body by creating a healthier environment with every cell to fight off disease and illness.

Lack of quality sleep, meaning adequate amount reaching REM sleep, further suppresses the immune system. PEMF induces relaxation and is able to bring this induced feeling of calm to the body!

So the winning combo of healthy cells for a stronger immune system and a calming state of mind giving a better nights sleep allows a chance to feel relieved of stress especially taking a moment each evening using PEMF before bed.



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