Neck Pain Relief

Neck discomfort is one of the most common musculoskeletal issues in the general population.

Neck pain can be due to several issues. Some symptoms can include numbness and tingling down the arms. Radiating pain up through the head. This can lead to headaches and migraines too. Range of motion can be limited in the neck.

Having the availability of a machine from the comfort of your own home is the advantage of PEMF therapy. It can be done frequently throughout the week. Beneficial to try just before bed as it also sets you up for a better night of sleep! Wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and with less pain to start your day.


PEMF is a natural treatment that come be done from home. It relieves nerve pain by flushing out toxins from cells, allowing more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients and decreasing inflammation. PEMF treatments done at least 12 minutes daily for diabetic nerve pain improved sensation, pain, and increased muscular strength in 85% of patients compared to controls. Studies of the effects of PEMF on nerve pain, are encouraging.


PEMF provides an endorphin release and effects the body more than just physically. Studies show its affect on the brain and hormones. This can lead to a reduction in stress which further relieves neck pain.


PEMF therapy has shown to be effective at reducing pain both in the short-term and in the long-term. The ways by which PEMF therapy relieves pain include pain blocking, decreased inflammation, increased cellular flexibility, increased blood and fluids circulation, and increased tissue oxygenation.


PEMF therapy increases blood circulation in and around damaged tissue, and effectively helps damaged cells heal by bringing more oxygen into the cells


PEMF therapy has been demonstrated to help in a wide variety of painful conditions through 1000’s of clinical studies.



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