Natural Electromagnetic Fields and PEMF

There have been more than 1,600 academic studies regarding PEMF therapy, and it’s been recognized by the FDA as a treatment for several health conditions. Still, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a relatively new technology, which means that people still have a lot of questions about it. After “How does PEMF work?” and “Is PEMF safe?“, the next most popular question is this: if natural electromagnetic fields exist, then how does PEMF affect the body?

We’re around EMFs all the time

Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are very common. So common, in fact, that most are exposed to electromagnetic energy almost constantly. There are natural electromagnetic fields and man made electromagnetic fields.

Natural electromagnetic fields can be found everywhere in our environment. The Earth itself produces an electromagnetic field. Man made sources of EMF radiation include power lines, televisions, WiFi, microwaves, radios, computers, and our smartphones.

It’s once people get used to the idea that we’re constantly exposed to EMFs and electromagnetic radiation, that they start to wonder how exactly PEMF therapy works.

If we are consonantly around EMFs, then how does PEMF work? How is PEMF therapy different from keeping your smartphone in your pocket? If the earth generates a natural electromagnetic field, then how is it that PEMF therapy has any effect at all?

The difference with PEMF therapy

PEMF therapy is more than just the electromagnetic energy that’s used during the treatment. There are a few key features of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy that make it different from the regular EMFs that you come across throughout your normal day. It’s these differences that provide the health benefits of PEMF therapy.

  • Not all electromagnetic fields are the same; there are different intensities and frequencies of electromagnetic energy. Specific wavelengths are used during PEMF therapy to target healthy cell function and cellular regeneration.
  • Ambient electromagnetic energy doesn’t have the same effect as focused EMFs from a coil. PEMF machines allow you to target electromagnetic energy. It’s the difference between a rain shower and water hose with an adjustable nozzle.
  • Pulses make the difference. During pulse electromagnetic field therapy, EMFs are sent through the body in waves. These waves, or pulses, alternately activate and relax the cells. This effect cannot be achieved through other means.

Learn more about PEMF therapy

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