Leasing a PEMF Machine

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can improve the quality of life in pets, livestock, and people. Physical therapists, horse trainers, veterinarians, and even just health conscious individuals are using PEMF therapy for its healing, recovery, and performance benefits. Not everyone is looking to purchase a PEMF system right away, though. If you’re interested in renting a PEMF machine or leasing a PEMF machine, PEMF Complete gives you that option.

Leasing a PEMF machine lets you try it before you buy it.

The benefits of PEMF therapy are well documented. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been an FDA approved form of treatment for more than 40 years. While you may find the research convincing, there’s something to be said for personal experience.

It’s nice to get your hands on something, and see firsthand how it works, before making a purchase. PEMF systems offer a lot of value, but buying a PEMF machine can be a significant financial commitment. Leasing a PEMF machine lets you test the waters.

You’re not quite sure what you’re looking for.

You know that you want a PEMF system, but you’re not quite sure exactly what type of system you need. PEMF Complete works with you to find the system that best meets your needs. Maybe you need a portable PEMF system to take with you to rodeos, or you need a workhorse PEMF machine for your busy physical therapy clinic.

Sometimes, however, you might not realize what you want from a PEMF system until you have experience using one. When you lease a PEMF machine you can familiarize yourself with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy without committing to a single system.

You don’t want to own a PEMF device.

While anyone can benefit from PEMF therapy at any time, maybe you only need a PEMF system for a short amount of time. Maybe you want a system exclusively for competition season, and it’s more practical for your to rent a PEMF machine or lease one during the busy months rather than own a system.

You want to buy a PEMF machine, but finances are tight right now.

Leasing a PEMF machine allows you to benefit from PEMF therapy without rushing a purchase. When you choose to lease, you get to make your purchase when the conditions are right for you.

Contact PEMF Complete to lease or rent a PEMF machine. We also have PEMF machines for sale. Call 877-473-6377 for more information.

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