Is PEMF Therapy Safe for Dogs?

If you’ve heard about PEMF therapy for dogs, you’re probably aware of the numerous health benefits PEMF offers. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can help treat dogs with osteoarthritis, it can help heal wounds and bone fractures, and it can improve your dog’s overall quality of life. But is PEMF therapy safe for dogs?

Doesn’t PEMF therapy use electricity?

PEMF therapy uses electricity to generate electromagnetic fields. People are sometimes hesitant when they hear about therapies involving electricity. Their minds go to thoughts of early electroconvulsive – or electroshock – therapies used to treat mental disorders. They think of it as abusive, barbaric, or just an uniformed method of treatment before medical professionals knew better.

This isn’t how PEMF therapy works, however. Rather than shocking a patient or sending electricity through the body, PEMF machines send electricity to attached metal coils. The coils produce electromagnetic fields when energized. These low frequency EMFs travel through the body to stimulate healthy cell function and cellular regeneration.

In other words, the electricity goes through the machine and not through the dog. It’s the electromagnetic fields, rather than electricity, that penetrate the cells.

Are EMFs dangerous?

Many things – both natural and man-made – produce electromagnetic fields. EMFs are not inherently dangerous. The earth naturally produces an electromagnetic field. The EMFs produced in PEMF therapy mimic the earth’s natural electromagnetic field.

PEMF machines produce low frequency EMFs, which are safe for dogs. These fields are pulsed rather than sustained, which further stimulates healthy cell function.

PEMF therapy for dogs is completely safe

PEMF therapy is completely safe, harmless, and painless. In fact, dogs enjoy PEMF therapy! There are no unwanted side effects or complications associated with PEMF therapy for dogs. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can be a safe alternative to medication or surgery, and PEMF therapy can help dogs with a wide range of health issues.

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