Increasing Circulation In Cold Weather

With the cold spell, many are experiencing this week, let us talk about…

PEMF for blood flow!

PEMF stimulates the cells of the body. In doing this it begins to circulate. Circulation helps the body warm up and feel better!


Warm up those baby animals!

Try using the machine on baby calves to get them warmed up and blood flow moving.

When the animals are up in stalls, not moving as much due to muddy cold conditions, and we are cooped up in the house… PEMF can help keep circulation going and blood flow pumping.


Aches and pains? Arthritis issues?
Cold weather has your joints hurting?

Use PEMF on these areas to get through the winter bite.


Same goes for elder animals!

What you may be feeling in this cold expect they will have similar issues too.



By boosting the immune system with PEMF complete, for the whole household, you will help everyone make it through the cold spell. Contact PEMF Complete at 877-473-6377 or online PEMF Complete contact form.