Improving Your Health From the Ground Up

There are different approaches towards health. Some take the “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” approach, ignoring their health until a problem is brought to their attention. Unfortunately, by the time you have a health problem, it may be too late to do much about it. Some take an a la carte approach towards health; they choose areas of their health they want to focus on and neglect the others. The difficulty here is that each aspect of our health influences, and is influenced by, other aspects of our health. Then you have the wellness approach. Wellness takes a comprehensive look at health, and emphasizes purposeful decisions that work towards good overall health. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can help you work towards wellness by improving your health from the ground up.

You can’t look at your health in a vacuum.

The different systems in your body are connected. There are ten different systems and none of them operate alone. For example chronic stress and anxiety can affect your heart, your respiratory system, and your GI tract. Issues with your autoimmune system can cause problems with your joints, skin, extremities, and your hair. In other words, you can’t treat different parts of your health as though they are independent of one another.

This isn’t just true of your physical well being. Wellness focuses on all aspects of your health. Poor occupational health and social health can lead to poor mental health, which can lead to poor physical health. Poor physical health can then affect your mental health, financial health, and many other parts of your life. The goal of wellness is to work on improving every part of your life.

You can’t always see how your decisions in one area will affect other parts of your life. However, you can make healthy choices that lead to good health and promote positive outcomes. Establishing a good foundation leads to wellness.

How PEMF therapy promotes good health

Every good system starts with a good foundation. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy promotes good overall health by improving cell health and function on a molecular level. PEMF therapy is used for everything from healing, recovery, injury and illness prevention, training, and health promotion. Here’s how pulsed electromagnetic field therapy improves cell health.

  • Removes cell waste
  • Triggers the body’s healing processes
  • Increases cell oxygenation
  • Improves cellular metabolism
  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Increases circulation
  • Better cell hydration
  • Increases energy production

Being healthy helps you stay healthy, and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy helps your cells stay as healthy as possible. Contact PEMF Complete if you would like to learn more about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, or if you’re interested buying or leasing your own PEMF system. Call 877-473-6377 or contact us online.