How PEMF Works

PEMF therapy offers an ability to proactively ‘kick start’ the healing process.

What exactly is PEMF therapy? How can it benefit our horses, pets, and livestock?

When applied to injuries and areas of tension, PEMF Therapy can assist in both kick starting and boosting the healing process at a cellular level, while accelerating the disposal of toxins and waste products.

The benefits of PEMF therapy are so well documented that the space administration NASA spent 4 years studying PEMF and developing its own PEMF therapy machines. During this time in 2009 NASA was awarded a patent for the use of PEMF to enhance tissue repair in mammals and to reverse the bone loss faced by astronauts when they are in a gravity free environment and away from earth’s magnetic field.


How PEMF works

The easiest way to understand PEMF is to think in terms of each cell in your body as if it were a little battery. With any battery, it can become tired and worn, whether due to age, stress, overuse, or damage, making it more difficult for them to fight off injury or illness.

Through PEMF therapy, your batteries, which are the cells, essentially become recharged. The energy supplied via PEMF gives cells the energy they need to help fight off whatever is threatening them, whether it’s trauma or a disease-based attack. This makes it easier for the body to restore its health naturally, simply by using the electrical currents and impulses that are already interacting within and throughout their cells. The body is constantly attempting to repair itself which drains the body of energy.

Simply put, high-powered PEMF is like a “battery re-charger” for your depleted cells.

Thermal imaging shows a before and after result utilizing PEMF. This particular result was achieved using the PEMF Complete mini traveler. Approximately 40 mins of full body with concentrated time on the hocks and stifles.

PEMF increases circulation, reduces inflammation, and speeds up healing time.


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