How Often Should You Use PEMF Devices?

There are several advantages to owning a home PEMF device. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can be used for healing, recovery, treating acute and chronic illnesses, and promoting good overall mental health and physical health. If you own your own PEMF system, you may wonder how often you should use your PEMF device. Here’s some information to help answer that question.

How often should you use PEMF devices?

How you use PEMF therapy treatments depends on your specific health needs. Someone using PEMF for anxiety and depression is going to use their device differently than someone who is using PEMF for a bone fracture or to recover from vigorous athletic training.

The exact duration and frequency of use depends on the device you use and your desired health outcomes.

On average, however, individual treatments typically last between 15 and 30 minutes. We recommend two 30-minute sessions a day for most users. You don’t have to stop at 30 minutes, or at two daily sessions, however.

Is there a limit to how long you can use a PEMF device?

There is not a maximum amount of time for PEMF treatments. You can use most PEMF machines and PEMF coils as long as you would like. The electromagnetic energy produced during PEMF therapy is completely safe. Our PEMF systems produce electromagnetic energy at lower frequencies than most household items, including your microwave, WiFi signal, and your phone. There isn’t a point at which PEMF becomes harmful.

Some dealing with more severe health issues find that they benefit from longer and more frequent use of PEMF treatments. The electromagnetic fields used in PEMF therapy stimulate the cells and promote healthy function and cellular health. There are no negative side effects, and you can’t get too much exposure to the EMFs used in pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

How long should you use PEMF therapy?

Everyone heals at different rates, and bodies works differently. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy promotes optimal function and cell health, but your desired health outcomes depend on more than just PEMF therapy.

You may need treatments over the course of 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 9 weeks, or you may choose to incorporate PEMF therapy as a permanent fixture in your daily wellness routine.

Whether you want to try PEMF therapy for a short amount of time, or you’re interested in buying a pulsed electromagnetic field system for home use, we can help. Contact PEMF Complete online, or call 877-473-6377 for more information.

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