How Much Does PEMF Therapy Cost?

There’s no standard rate for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. PEMF therapy costs depend on several different factors. However, PEMF therapy is an affordable way to promote healing and recovery, prevent injury, and maintain wellness. You have two main options for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy: visit a wellness professional that offers PEMF, or invest in your own PEMF system.

Wellness professionals that offer PEMF therapy

An increasing number of wellness professional now offer pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. PEMF therapy costs whatever the clinic, office, or provider chooses. The cost of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy from a professional depends on various factors including availability in the area, and whether your insurance covers pulsed electromagnetic field therapy treatments. Most insurance plans do not cover PEMF therapy.

Some wellness professionals charge by the minute, or the type of PEMF treatment you receive. Some may offer packages with discounted rates. Typically, PEMF therapy costs anywhere between $30 and $60 dollars — or more — per 30-minute session.

This is the best option if you just want a few treatments to treat an acute health problem, or if you want to test out PEMF therapy. However, if you’re interested in the long-term health benefits of PEMF therapy, the most cost-effective option is buying a PEMF system.

Investing in your own PEMF system

When you buy or lease a PEMF system, you can use the machine as often as you’d like. The more you use your PEMF machine, the greater the value. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy provides a wide range of health benefits, and anyone can benefit from PEMF therapy regardless of age, health, or level of fitness.

We recommend at least two 30-minute sessions each day for most recovery and health maintenance applications.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy pays for itself in the long run:

  • PEMF Complete systems start at $7,850. You start saving money over PEMF treatments from a wellness professional just after 4 months of regular use.
  • PEMF devices cost less than many surgeries.
  • Americans spend more on prescription drugs than anyone else. The U.S spent $325 billion on prescription drugs in 2015. PEMF therapy can provide a safe, non-drug alternative to a lifetime of prescription medications.
  • Investing in a PEMF system is investing in your health. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy provides several health benefits, including improved health and wellness. The healthier you are, the less you have to spend on healthcare costs later in life.
  • You can buy or lease a PEMF device. We provide systems for both home use and professional use.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is an affordable and effective way to promote recovery, maintain wellness, and improve your quality of life. Contact PEMF Complete online, or call 877-473-6377, to learn more about PEMF Complete systems.