Electrical Energy and PEMF Devices

People often wonder how powerful PEMF devices are, or the strength of electromagnetic fields in PEMF therapy. EMF strength in PEMF therapy varies, but it’s almost always low. In fact, your cell phone, your computer, and the WiFi you use at home, in the office, and everywhere in between produce stronger electromagnetic fields than a PEMF system does. Here’s some information to help you understand the energy used in pulsed electromagnetic field systems.

Watts, volts, and amps

James Watt was a Scottish inventor who made some important improvements to early steam engines. Today, practically everyone know the name Watt; electrical power is measured in watts. A watt is the amount of “electrical power equal to one ampere under the pressure of one volt.” That might not be completely meaningful, but we can think of a watt as a measurement, like a foot or a cup, that applies to electricity.

Voltage is electrical pressure, in a sense. Electrons carry electricity through a circuit and volts are what pushes those electrons. Voltage measures the strength of electricity moving through a circuit.

Ampere – named after André Marie Ampère, a founding father of electrodynamics, which is now known as electromagnetism – measures how much electrical charge travels through a point in one second.

  • Volts measure how much electrical current there is.
  • Amps measure how quickly electrical current flows.
  • You can find wattage by multiplying amps and volts together.

After watts you have kilowatts (1,000 watts), megawatts (1,000 kW), gigawatts (1,000 MW or 1,000,000,000 watts), etc.

Watts, volts, and amps are important in any electrical device, but these measurements don’t give the full picture with PEMF devices. Understanding electromagnetic energy is even more important with PEMF therapy.

Electromagnetic radiation and hertz

Radiation isn’t always dangerous. Radiation is simply the term used for energy moving through space, and PEMF devices emit lower levels of electromagnetic radiation than many everyday items. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy uses very low frequency EMFs, and it is completely safe.

Electromagnetic waves are measured by frequency, and the hertz is the standard unit for measuring wavelength frequency. Heinrich Rudolf Hertz was the first person to prove the existence of electromagnetic waves. A hertz is one cycle per second.

PEMF machines use different amounts of power and produce different EMF frequencies. Our Dual series PEMF machine, for example, uses 120 to 230 volts of AC power to produce electromagnetic fields in the 50-60 Hz range

Finding the PEMF system that meets your needs

The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for choosing PEMF devices. The best way to determine which PEMF system is right for you is by talking to the experts. Contact PEMF Complete online, or call us at 877-473-6377 to learn more about PEMF therapy and PEMF devices.

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