Use at horse shows

When our body has areas of pain, tension, and inflammation the cells are constantly trying to repair and heal. In this process the body is using more energy than it should be resulting in a vicious cycle and leaving us feeling drained. If only there was a way to boost the energy of these cells to give them help in repair…

PEMF Complete works at the level of the cells. When the pulsation is on, reaching these cells, its able to maximize the energy potential and circulate this through the body. Old blood out, new blood in! Oxygen and nutrient rich blood is mobilized further helping the body do it’s job!

This works the same way in our horses too!

Using PEMF Complete on a maintenance schedule, before shows, and after shows for both is beneficial!

The stress put through the body of traveling, competition, new environment, and long days drains both the horse and human.

Wouldn’t you want your horse to be at the top of his game when it’s yall’s time to go?

Wouldn’t you want your body at the top of its game when it’s time to go?

When our body has pain and compensation patterns, this is something to pay attention to. Inabilities or pain in our body can be transferred to the horse.

PEMF Complete can help aid in an overall healthier body if used consistently.

These easy to use, easy to travel with systems have been a huge factor for many of my clients. I can tell you first hand PEMF Complete has helped prepare and recover horses.

Which system is best for me?

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