Do You Feed a Joint Supplement? Are cells ready to receive this?

PEMF is not only a modality of increased usage in the horse community it’s one that has a lasting impact due to the amount of research and thought put into the technology.  

PEMF can be found in massage and spa facilities, healthcare and physical therapy clinics, barns, and at shows. It’s increasing popularity is due to the portability factor and the benefits it brings from continuous usage. It is like having your own personal horse care and recovery assistant ready to go! This therapy creates an alternative for many scenarios or as a support, preventative, and healing factor for a variety of issues. 

What is PEMF Therapy? 

PEMF is a naturally occurring electromagnetic filed that was originally discovered and used by NASA. It improves the cellular development and recovery within the body. 

Damaged cells can be stimulated to the point of recovery. It is a boost for the body from muscular and skeletal to internal organs and their function. 

PEMF complete devices have been tested and approved by the FDA as a class 2 wellness device. It has been studied extensively to be approved for the healing of nonunion fractures, urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation, cervical fusion patients as high risk of non-fusion, treatment of depression and anxiety, and treatment of brain cancer. It has been used in the aid of arthritis, chronic pain, injuries, and more. Benefits of reduced inflammation, increased circulation, faster healing, pain relief, and improved mobility have been experienced.  

What is PEMF Therapy for Horses? 

The basis of the body is made up of cells. Everything starts at the cells level and this is what PEMF begins to change for us and horses. Stimulation and mobilization of cells, energizing the power house of the cell (the mitochondria), improves the function within the body. Healing begins at this level. It has been used for horses with abscesses, injury to extremities, to reduce anxiety and improve relaxation, the possibilities of the benefits that PEMF brings is quite vast. 

As the magnets make contact with the designated area, it gently expands and relaxes the damaged cell membranes. Through this process, the body can now begin to release unwanted waste, toxins, and inflammation. Upon the release of these undesirable substances in the equine’s body, we can then introduce a healthy flow of oxygen and nutrients in the designated area to recharge the cells. 

Using PEMF for maintenance and prevention 

Due to these devices being capable of providing a cellular level impact, they can promote healthy treatment and effectively aid in a wide variety of conditions. 

Enhanced speed and strength 
Increased range of motion 
Improved performance 
Increased circulation 
Accelerated healing 

PEMF therapy not only helps aid and improved conditions they have already, but it can also help prevent illness and injury for horses. 

Why use PEMF? 

Just like a human athlete we have horse athletes. 

Illness, injury, arthritis, pain all experienced by humans and horses. 

Injuries – Illness – Mental Health: 

Several different studies have proven PEMF therapy to be measurably effective for horses. Protocols for abscess in horse’s hoof have been discovered. Arthritis and other conditions have benefited from PEMF. Boosting the immune system through continuous use and help a horse fight and recover. Emotional distress and anxiety happen to horses. Sessions focused on relaxation will benefit the horse on a different level. 

Do you feed a joint supplement or inject? 

Why not feed the cells of the body to help heal, repair, and protect! PEMF also improves the function of cells and by doing so it increases bioavailability of products you give. The alternative is joint care with PEMF regularly. Your horses healthcare plan will be based upon the results your looking to achieve.

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