Do We Have Electricity in Our Bodies?

Yes, we have electricity in our bodies. The electricity in the human body isn’t like the electricity that flows from an outlet in your wall, charges your phone, or powers a PEMF device, however. The electricity in our bodies results from reactions between chemical. While our cells generate electrical fields, they are also influenced by electrical fields and electromagnetic fields.

The electricity in our bodies

Our cells conduct electrical currents, and our nervous system relies on electricity to send signals throughout the body. We can only walk, talk, think, and feel because of electricity. Electricity is simply the flow of electric charges. This includes both positive and negative particles, or protons and electrons.

The naturally occurring electricity in our bodies results from chemical reactions. Different molecules have different charges and the reactions between these differently charged molecules results in electricity.

Cell membranes regulate which elements – including electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, and chlorine – leave and enter the cell. The more chemicals with a positive charge enter the cell, the more positively charged the cell becomes.

PEMF therapy can improve health outcomes

Problems with electrical fields and currents in our bodies can cause illness. Various heart problems, including conduction disorders, result from electrical disruptions. One way to improve your health is through pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

PEMF therapy works by generating waves of low frequency electromagnetic fields. These pulses of EMF energy stimulate the cells, which promotes good cell health and proper cell function.

Vets, chiropractors, and personal trainers use PEMF therapy to treat acute and chronic health problems, and for wellness purposes. PEMF therapy offers several health benefits:

  • Improves cellular health
  • Promotes proper cell function
  • Manage post-surgical pain and edema
  • Treatment for bone injuries
  • Wound healing
  • Treatment for migraines
  • Pain, swelling, and inflammation reduction
  • Treatment for stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Improve circulation
  • Increase nutrient absorption

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