Do PEMF Devices Produce Radiation?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy improves cellular function and promotes good cell health on the molecular level. Physical therapists, message therapists, chiropractic doctors, veterinarians, and various other wellness professionals use PEMF therapy for both restorative treatment as well as preventative care. PEMF devices are widely used and have FDA approval as treatment options for several health conditions. Still, some people have concerns about the EMFs used in pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. So do PEMF devices produce radiation? Is PEMF safe?

EMFs in PEMF therapy

PEMF devices produce electromagnetic fields. So do mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Our computers and our radios generate EMFs. Electromagnetic energy is produced by electrical lights and thunderstorms. The WiFi that we rely on to stay connected to the world emits electromagnetic energy. Even the earth produces a constant natural electromagnetic field.

There are two basic types of electromagnetic radiation that people may be exposed to under normal circumstances: ionizing and non-ionizing.

  • Ionizing radiation carries enough energy to remove electrons from a molecule. This is known as ionization. Sources of ionizing radiation include cosmic rays, nuclear power production, tanning beds, and x-ray imaging.
  • Non-ionizing radiation isn’t powerful enough to eliminate parts of a molecule. This includes power lines, microwaves, radio waves, and light bulbs.

Radiation is present in all electromagnetic fields whether they are naturally occurring or man-made. When people hear radiation, they typically think of ionizing radiation, or the bad kind of radiation. Not all radiation is harmful, however. Radiation is simply the release of energy in the form of moving particles.

The frequency of the radiation is the thing that matters. The higher the frequency, the greater the potential for risk. PEMF Complete devices operate at 50 to 60 Hz, which is lower than the range for extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation (300Hz to 3KHz). For comparison, mobile phones produce radiation frequencies between 1.9 to 2.2 GHz, and WiFi produces radiation frequencies between 2.4 to 5 GHz.

PEMF therapy is safe and effective

The electromagnetic fields used in PEMF therapy operate at a much lower radiation frequency than most EMFs you encounter on a daily basis. So although PEMF devices produce radiation, it is harmless and significantly less powerful than other types of radiation you’re exposed to everyday.

The 50 to 60 Hz EMF range promotes good cell health and proper cell function, but it’s not just the EMF frequency that matters. What makes PEMF so effective is that you can harness the electromagnetic energy to produce a desired health outcome. Coils, mats, or pads allow you to focus the electromagnetic energy, and the pulsation of the fields are also a critical part of what makes PEMF work.

The cells in our body are regenerative — meaning they heal themselves on their own. PEMF therapy triggers the body’s natural healing processes, and accelerates healing and recovery. It also keeps the cells and structures in the body strong to prevent ailment and injury in the future.

The radiation produced by PEMF devices is not only harmless, it helps promote good health and wellness.

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