Can You Use PEMF for Pets?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy promotes proper cell function and good cellular health on a molecular level. It doesn’t matter whether that cell belongs to a truck driver, a collegiate athlete, a prize bull, or the family cat; PEMF therapy can help with healing recovery, injury prevention, and maintaining wellness. Here are a few reasons why you might want to try PEMF therapy for your pets.

Treat your pet’s symptoms with PEMF therapy

Maybe your family dog or cat has a health problem, and the symptoms of that issue are causing your pet to suffer. Musculoskeletal issues, such as osteoarthritis, are common in older animals. Pets with anxiety may suffer inwardly, but they can also be dangerous.

Treating anxiety in pets almost always means medication. Treating musculoskeletal issues in pets typically means medication or surgery. Many pet owners aren’t keen on the idea of giving their pet drugs indefinitely, and there’s a lot of risk involved with surgery. PEMF therapy for pets offers an drug-free and non-invasive alternative.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is FDA approved to treat anxiety and depression. It’s also FDA approve for healing non0union bone fractures, and there have many clinical studies documenting the effectiveness of PEMF therapy for treating osteoarthritis in animals.

Help your pet recover from an injury or surgery

PEMF therapy for pets can relieve chronic symptoms, but it can also help with acute health issues. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy increases the rate of  healing for bone fractures and wounds. It also decreases recovery times after surgical procedures.

Improve your pet’s overall health and quality of life

Organisms – whether it’s a person, plant, or pet – live longer, happier lives whenever they are healthy. PEMF therapy promotes healthy cells, proper cell function, and good overall health. It increases nutrient absorption, oxygenates the cells, improves circulation, strengthens the immune system, and increases metabolic rate.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy also relieves the symptoms of aging: stiffness, swelling, pain, and limited mobility.

Where can you try PEMF therapy for pets?

Your local vet may offer pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for household pets. PEMF therapy can be used on pets of any size. There have even been clinical studies examining the benefits of PEMF therapy on snails.

You can also buy your own PEMF system for home use. Investing in a pulsed electromagnetic field device is an investment in your family’s health. Call 877-473-6377 or contact PEMF Complete for more information about buying or leasing a PEMF system.

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