PEMF Machines vs. Static Magnets

Magnetic health products have become quite popular over the years. You can buy magnetic bracelets, magnetic necklaces, wraps and insoles containing permanent magnets, and many other products with permanent magnets in them.¬†These devices are marketed under the umbrella of magnet therapy. Despite their popularity, however, studies have shown magnet therapy to have no proven health …

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Pulse PEMF Pro Equine

Equine PEMF

Equine PEMF therapy may have seemed odd and eccentric when it was first introduced to American horse racers, but it’s practically standard practice now. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy benefits all type of horses: racehorses, show horses, equine athletes, and workhorses. It’s not just because of personal success or anecdotal evidence that serious horse trainers and …

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PEMF for Dogs

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy improves the quality of life for older dogs, dogs with chronic pain, and even young, healthy dogs. There are numerous health benefits of PEMF therapy, and it’s used by pet owners to treat symptoms as well as to maintain wellness. Here’s some information about PEMF for dogs. PEMF therapy as treatment …

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