Brooke Simons

When Every Move Matters

PEMF is used on livestock, equines, and pets. It functions to optimize the body’s natural functions of self-healing and self regulation. There are over 1,000 studies regarding PEMF therapy that evaluates the effect of PEMF on the body – from pain and circulation to arthritis and bone growth, the range of studies are plenty! One …

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The Pain With PEMF

PEMF uses electromagnetic frequencies to enhance overall health and wellness. Every cell in the body has a negative charge on the cell wall. To maintain a negative charge, potassium and magnesium should be contained inside the cells, while calcium and sodium should remain outside the cells. The electric charge of the cell is a critical …

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How PEMF Works

PEMF therapy offers an ability to proactively ‘kick start’ the healing process. What exactly is PEMF therapy? How can it benefit our horses, pets, and livestock? When applied to injuries and areas of tension, PEMF Therapy can assist in both kick starting and boosting the healing process at a cellular level, while accelerating the disposal …

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