Brooke Simons

Do You Feed a Joint Supplement? Are cells ready to receive this?

PEMF is not only a modality of increased usage in the horse community it’s one that has a lasting impact due to the amount of research and thought put into the technology.   PEMF can be found in massage and spa facilities, healthcare and physical therapy clinics, barns, and at shows. It’s increasing popularity is due …

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Rehabilitation Relief for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a clinical condition characterized by diffuse chronic muscle-skeletal pain, fatigue, sleep/mood disorders and muscular stiffness. The pathogenesis of fibromyalgia remains poorly understood but numerous lines of evidence suggest a role for alterations of both the central and peripheral nervous systems leading to heightened pain sensitivity along with a variety of other symptoms. The …

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Using a PEMF Machine at Home

Cellular interaction takes place when the magnetic field produced by the PEMF machine comes on contact with the body. It can help with various diseases, disorders, injuries, or diseases. Through clinical studies we have found PEMF can… Increase circulation Decrease inflammation Accelerate bone healing Enhance muscle function Reduce the effects of stress Improve blood oxygenation, …

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