Are EMFs Dangerous?

PEMF therapy is completely safe, and approved by the FDA for several different types of treatment. However, some people wonder, Are EMFs dangerous?

What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are spaces of energy that occur both naturally and from man-made sources. The frequency of an electromagnetic field determines whether the field is categorized as ionizing or non-ionizing.

Non-ionizing EMFs do not carry enough energy to directly damage cells or DNA, whereas ionizing EMFs produce higher levels of radiation with the potential to directly harm DNA.

We’re exposed to electromagnetic fields on a daily basis, and many are exposed to EMFs for a majority of the day. Wi-Fi networks produce EMF radiation, and most businesses and homes you go to have a Wi-Fi network in place.

Power lines, electrical wires, microwaves, remote controls, computers, and mobile devices all generate EMFs. You’re exposed to electromagnetic radiation in thunderstorms, and even the earth naturally produces a constant electromagnetic field.

Are EMFs dangerous?

Some people are concerned about the dangers of EMFs, and there has been some research on the subject. Some early studies found a link between EMF exposure and childhood leukemia. Other studies, however, have failed to find a connection between EMFs and childhood cancer. Studies have not found a connection between EMFs and cancer in adults.

EMFs aren’t universally bad or dangerous. The effect of an electromagnetic field depends largely on the frequency of the field. EMFs that produce non-ionizing radiation – frequencies up to 950 THz – do not cause cellular damage. However, even EMFs with frequencies as low as 1o0kHz – 1 GHz can heat body tissues and raise body temperatures.

EMFs and PEMF therapy

The electromagnetic fields produced in PEMF therapy are very low frequency. They produce enough energy to stimulate cells in the body, but not enough energy to cause any harm.

Mobile phones produce EMFs at a frequency between 1.9 – 2.2 GHz. PEMF Complete devices produce EMFs at frequencies of 50 to 60 Hz. This is well below the radio frequency range, which is 100kHz to – 1 GHz.

The electromagnetic fields produced in PEMF therapy aren’t like other EMFs that people might find dangerous.

  • PEMF therapy produces electromagnetic fields at a much lower frequency than cell phones, microwaves, and even Wi-Fi networks.
  • EMFs used in PEMF therapy can be focused on specific problem areas.
  • PEMF produces electromagnetic fields in waves or pulses, which alternately relax and engage the cells.

So are EMFs safe? The ones used in PEMF therapy certainly are. Take a look at PEMF Complete’s entire range of PEMF products. Call 877-473-6377 or contact us online for information about leasing or buying PEMF systems.

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