7 Ways to Improve Mental Health

Wellness is an ongoing process that centers around making healthy decisions and being proactive about your health. This includes all aspects of your health: physical, social, emotional, and mental. You may already be aware of the physical health benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, but PEMF therapy can also improve mental health. Here are seven ways to improve your mental health, including PEMF therapy.

Exercise every day

Regular physical activity provides numerous health benefits including improved quality of life, increased lifespan, and reduced risk for a number of disease. People who are physically active on a regular basis are at a decreased risk for heart disease, cancer, and stroke — the three leading causes of health-related death.

There’s also an increasing amount of research showing the positive psychological effects of physical activity. Regular exercise can improve your mood, increase self-esteem, and promote good mental health.

Get outside

Spending time outdoors can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Sunlight increases vitamin D levels in the body, and light therapy is often used to help those who deal with seasonal depression. Outdoor recreation also presents an opportunity for physical activity, which offers numerous physical and mental health benefits.


Chronic stress is a self-perpetuating problem. It’s easy to get caught in a cycle of negativity and stress, which can lead to poor physical and mental health. Set aside time each day to decompress and unwind. Choose soothing activities that allow your mind and body to relax:

  • read a book
  • take a bath
  • meditate
  • yoga
  • go for a walk
  • listen to relaxing music
  • paint, color, or draw
  • breathing exercises
  • write in a journal
  • get a massage

Make time for yourself

Doing things for others is important, and altruistic acts can actually help improve your mood. However, it’s important to do things for yourself, too. Being entirely selfless and always giving can be emotionally draining. Find a new hobby and make sure that you are able to do the things that bring your joy.

Replace an unhealthy habit

Sometimes people cope with stress, anxiety, depression, or hardships in life with unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, eating, distraction, or other unhealthy behaviors. Identify an unhealthy habit in your life and replace it with a healthy one.

  • Give up smoking and take up running.
  • Put down your phone and pick up the gardening trowel.
  • Write down your feelings in a journal or use painting as an emotional outlet instead of eating when you’re stressed or unhappy.

Talk to a healthcare professional

Everyone has different health needs, and what works for some people might not work for others. A trained healthcare professional can help make sure that you get the right treatment for your specific health needs.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

PEMF therapy can help improve mental health, mood, and emotional well-being. It’s approved by the FDA to treat depression and anxiety, and PEMF therapy offers a safe and effective treatment for depression and anxiety without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

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