7 Things You Should Know About PEMF Therapy

Do you have a lot of questions about PEMF therapy? Is it safe? How does it work? What can PEMF therapy be used for? Here is some information about PEMF therapy to help answer some of those basic questions.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is safe

The EMFs in PEMF therapy are nothing to worry about. Electromagnetic fields are all around us. You find EMFs in everyday items, and the earth produces a natural electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic fields produced in PEMF therapy are at an even lower frequency than those produced your wireless internet, computer, or mobile device.

It’s not the same as electricity

When people hear pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, they sometimes think of things like shock therapy, or electroconvulsive therapy, that send electricity through the patient’s body. This isn’t how PEMF therapy works, however. While PMEF machines do use electricity, they only use the electricity to generate an EMF. These EMFs penetrate deep into the body to energize, heal, and oxygenate the cells. Unlike electricity, EMFs are entirely safe and painless.

PEMF therapy is FDA approved

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a number of different treatments. It was first approved in 1979 for healing nonunion fractures.

Improve your mental health

Treatment for depression and anxiety is one of the FDA approved uses for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. PEMF therapy is commonly used to improve mood and reduce stress.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy gives you options

The treatment for many health issues and disorders – such as nonunion fractures, depression, and osteoarthritis – often ends with medication or an invasive procedure, such as surgery. Many patients, however, do not want the side effects from prescription drugs, and they don’t want the risks involved with surgery. PEMF therapy can provide a safe and effective alternative to prescription drugs or invasive procedures.

Repair, recovery, prevention, and performance

PEMF therapy is unique in that it is incredibly versatile. It has a wide range of health benefits and a wide range of applications.

  • Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is used as a treatment for various health conditions and disorders.
  • It’s used to reduce healing times from surgeries, and it’s used to decrease the recovery times from exercise, training, and injuries.
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can be used to delay, prevent, or treat symptoms of chronic diseases.
  • PEMF therapy is used to promote wellness by facilitating good cell health, stimulating the body’s healing processes, and energizing and oxygenating cells.
  • Athletes at every level use PEMF therapy to improve training and athletic performance.

It’s an investment

PEMF machines are surprisingly affordable. They cost less than most surgeries You can find treadmills and bicycles that cost more than PEMF machines. They are even more affordable when you consider that PEMF machines can save on future medical costs and hospital bills. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a cost effective investment for your health. Wellness pays off; this is true for your health and for your finances.

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