5 Ways Equine PEMF Therapy Can Help Your Horse

Equine PEMF therapy is more than just a fad. Sure, the number of trainers and owners using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for horses is skyrocketing; a majority of Kentucky Derby winners have used PEMF therapy over the past decade. But people aren’t just using PEMF for horses because it’s in vogue. Equine PEMF offers real advantages for equine athletes, show horses, and working horses. Really, any horse can benefit from equine PEMF therapy. Here are five benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for horses.

Promote good health and wellness in horses

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy works on the molecular level to improve cell health and promote proper cell function. This ensures that your horse is as healthy as possible. PEMF therapy also improves immune response, which helps your horse fight off infections and illnesses.

Injury prevention

The healthier a horse is, the lower the risk of injury. PEMF therapy not only improves a horse’s overall health and wellness, but it can also help reduce the risk of injury by increasing suppleness and improving mobility. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy also helps you detect soreness and imbalances in your horse before they cause an injury.

Recovery from injuries and illnesses

While you can take measures to decrease the risk of an injury, you can’t always prevent an injury from occurring. Equine PEMF therapy significantly reduces recovery times and promotes rapid healing from injuries and illnesses by triggering the body’s natural healing processes. A single 40-minutes session can reduce recovery times by 70%. The more you use PEMF therapy, the greater the benefits.

Improved performance

Physical performance matters more for some horses than others, but all horses benefit from being in better physical condition. Equine PEMF therapy offers several physical health benefits that can improve a horse’s performance.

  • increased speed
  • increased strength
  • better stamina
  • improved mobility
  • improved circulation
  • increased cell oxygenation
  • improved nutrient absorption

Improved quality of life

A healthier horse that’s free of injury and illness will enjoy a better quality of life. Equine PEMF therapy can also improve a horse’s quality of life by improving the horse’s mental well-being. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been approved by the FDA to treat depression and anxiety, and it can help improve a horse’s mood.

PEMF therapy is also great for older horses at it’s used to treat common symptoms of aging; pulsed electromagnetic field therapy reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Learn more about the benefits of equine PEMF therapy

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