5 Reasons Why You Should Try PEMF Therapy for Dogs

PEMF therapy for dogs can provide a range of health benefits for your furry friend. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can help dogs recover from injuries and health problems, but it can also improve the quality of life in younger dogs as well. If any of the following statements apply to your pet, you should consider PEMF therapy for dogs.

You want your dog to be as healthy as possible

People sometimes make the mistake of waiting for health problems to occur. You should focus on wellness and preventing health problems instead of treating health issues. This is true for you as well as your dog. PEMF therapy for dogs can help your pet stay healthier longer.

Your dog is getting older

Dogs develop various health issues as they get older. Inflammation, swelling, discomfort, and mobility issues are normal parts of aging. Sometimes pet owners look to medication to help their dog feel more comfortable. This doesn’t treat the issue, and it instead masks the pain.

PEMF therapy offers a non-drug alternative for the symptoms of aging. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation, which can help your dog stay active and healthy in his old age.

Your dog has arthritis

Osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia are common in older dogs and larger dog breeds. These health problems can leave your pet in a lot of pain and discomfort. Both of these chronic health conditions have been successfully treated with PEMF therapy.

Your dog suffered an injury

One of the most common uses for PEMF therapy is for bone injury and wound healing. PEMF therapy has been approved by the FDA to treat non-union bone fractures. If your dog gets hurt, consider pulsed electromagnetic field therapy before you look into surgeries. PEMF offers a non-invasive and effective alternative to surgery.

You want to improve your dog’s quality of life

The health benefits of PEMF therapy cover such a wide spectrum because the treatments improve cell function and health on the molecular level. PEMF therapy stimulates the natural healing and recovery processes in the body, which promotes good overall health. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can improve your dog’s quality of life regardless of her health or age.

It makes sense to offer PEMF therapy at your veterinary clinic. Dog owners are looking for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, but so are other pet owners. PEMF therapy benefits all household pets. Contact PEMF Complete online or call 877-473-6377 to learn about PEMF systems for veterinary clinics, or for information about home PEMF systems for your pets.

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